We are seeking steering committee members

To ensure the continuation of the biannual Nordic TAG conferences a Nordic steering committee will be elected during the conference in Oslo in 2022.

Site being covered with tarpaulin. Photo: Museum of Archaeology, University of Stavanger.

The committee will consist of at least to members from each of the Nordic countries (Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland), elected to sit on the committee for either two or three years.

The committee’s main responsibilities will be:

  • Choose the archaeological research, educational or management institution that will host and arrange the next Nordic TAG conference
  • Secure that knowledge and information is transferred between the different organisational committees

Conference themes are developed in cooperation between the steering committee and the local organisational committees.

Researchers that are interested in putting their name up for consideration are asked to send us a brief motivational statement (100–250 words max.), along with an academic CV (max. 1 page), before January 15th February 1st 2022 as their names will be included in the conference program. In addition, they should indicate whether they wish to sit on the committee for two or three years and which country they would represent. We will strive to establish a diverse steering committee, thus some candidates may have been asked to put their name forward.

The names of the candidates will be included in the final program, and be published on the webpage (including the short motivational statement), to ensure that the conference attendees know who they are voting into the Nordic committee.

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