Call for sessions

Nordic TAG 2022 – Invitation and call for sessions

‘What’s the use of theory?’ is the overarching theme and exploratory question of next year’s Nordic TAG conference in Oslo. In order to capture the multifaceted, ever-growing and changing field of archaeology, it is intentionally broad and open. 

We encourage all archaeologists, whether based in the Nordic countries or somewhere else, and whether you are working with sources and material from prehistoric, historic or contemporary periods, to propose sessions that seek critical debates, exchanges of ideas, and innovative and practical solutions to current and future theoretical challenges. 

We welcome all types of sessions dealing with current avenues in theoretical developments, particularly those that deal with topics related to the broader heritage field, including those that address issues such as inclusivity, diversity and accessibility, and the renewed influx of quantitative and scientific methods into archaeology, the politics and uses of archaeology.

Abstract are to be submitted via email: contact[at]

Deadline 1 November 2021.

Your proposal should include the following: 

Title and abstract

In line with the intent of the original UK-TAG, we want proposals to be clear, short, open and geared toward attracting speakers and a conference audience. 

Abstracts should be 300 words, maximum, with minimal citations.

Organiser details

Names, affiliations and email addresses of all organisers must be submitted with the proposals. 

Proposed format 

All proposed sessions should indicate which format they wish to be run in:

  1. Standard paper session: Presentations should be 10-20 minutes long, with ample time set aside for both Q&A to individual speakers and session-wide discussions. It should be indicated whether the organisers envision half-day or full day sessions. 
  2. Panel debate: Quarter- or half-day long. A panel of ca. 5 people give brief starting presentations, followed by a discussion run by an administrator. 
  3. Workshop: Informal discussions or a collaborative activity in smaller groups. Organisers should ensure that everyone participating gets the opportunity to engage in the activity. Should be no longer than half a day. 
  4. Lightning round: Quarter- or half-day long for short papers, no longer than 6 minutes. Time should still be set aside for discussion. 


All proposed sessions will be evaluated by the organising committee. Acceptances of sessions will be distributed Medio November. Decisions will be announced 1 December, along with a preliminary program. 

We expect session organisers to promote their sessions widely and to actively encourage both relevant established and early career researchers to submit paper proposals. 

Session organisers, in collaboration with the organising committee, are responsible for all communication with paper proposers and organising the final line-up of their sessions. Session organisers must finalise a full list of speakers, including paper titles and 300-word abstracts, and the running-order before 1 February.


    1. 1 November! It’s written elsewhere on our page, but we’ll add the date here too. An oversight on our part, thanks for asking!


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