In person or digital?

Our plan was always to have a hybrid event, to ensure that those who cannot, for whatever reason, travel domestically or across national borders could still participate in N-TAG. We had hoped that the pandemic would be less of an issue by April 2022, but, our aim was, and is, to have a low cost conference that is as accessible as it can be, to as many people as possible.

We have received a lot of questions about this lately though, and we see that we have not made this clear. So, rest assured, it will be possible to both digitally present your paper, and also participate digitally – regardless of any pandemic restrictions. The only uncertainty, as of yet, is whether we may end up doing a fully digital conference.

All the rooms we have booked for the conference are set up for remote presentations and we will try to ensure enough student volunteers and microphones for the discussions to run smoothly for those logging on digitally too.

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