Sessions and activities

Our programme book can be downloaded here:

Thursday 21 April

17:00     Registration opens
17:30 Reception (All conference participants are welcome, drinks are served to those who have payed for it)

21:30     Social event
Tables booked at Brygg (Storgata 7, 0155 Oslo)

Friday 22 April

08:30     Registration opens, coffee and tea available in the foyer

18:30     Dinner
Pizza and drinks in Foredragssalen at Historisk museum
(Frederiks gate 2, 0164 Oslo). The exhibitions ‘Vikingr’ and
‘Fabulous Animals’ will be open. 
20:00     Drinks
Tables booked at Himkok (Storgata 27, 0184 Oslo)

1. Affective archaeology – theory and practice

3. Politics of migration

4. Down by the Water: contesting current understandings of maritime identities

9. Scales of time: addressing temporal practices in the past

22. What’s the use of theory in future archaeology/archaeology of the future?

6. Quantifying the subjective? Recent developments within sensory archaeology

7. Ecologies of care: more-than-human approaches to heritage landscapes

8. Personhood in 21st Century Archaeological Theory

Saturday 23 April

08:30     Registration opens, coffee and tea available in the foyer

20. A Match made in heaven? Art, archaeology & cultural heritage

11. What’s the use of theory in development-led archaeology?

13. Reconsidering the Longue Durée: archaeological landscapes in light of the material turn

15. Archaeology and Urban Theory: What can archaeological thinking offer urban theory? What’s the use of urban theory? 

16. Myths as theoretical models for religious identity in ancient Greece

17. Heritage at an arm’s length

19. Below the Surface: Theory in Maritime Archaeology

2. Unruly Things, Unruly Theories: On the Possibility of Theorising From Archaeological Encounters

21. Archaeology Today (in colour)