Archaeology Today (in colour)

Room:    Klubben
Time:      13:30–15:30
Format: Workshop
Organisers: Cornelius Holtorf (Linnaeus University) – Emily Hanscam (Linnaeus University)

During 45-60 min, participants in the workshop will enjoy their coffee while busying themselves in small groups around several tables using crayons to draw in a colouring book (Archaeology Today, C. Holtorf and D. Lindskog 2021, see The book addresses and illustrates a view of archaeology as a subject informed by several key ideas including

  • what contemporary archaeology can tell us about the present,
  • destructing and rebuilding historical buildings as ordinary practices,
  • the possibility and usefulness of time travel,
  • the potential of applying archaeology to contemporary challenges,
  • the significance of a future-related archaeology.

The aim of the workshop is to inspire discussion around the table and in the room on archaeological thinking on the key issues listed and on the forms in which such thinking may be expressed and practiced in various archaeological formats. We will also find out what happens when adults adopt what is (supposedly) a children’s’ activity: will it bring out the child in each of us or will participants long for more adult genres? What does that entail in the context of academic discourse, fieldwork reports, and for the future of theoretical archaeology? We will ask us together what’s the use of theory when you can go and paint in a book (and vice versa).