Steering committee

To ensure the continuation of the biannual Nordic TAG conferences, a Nordic steering committee was established in 2022. Members of the committee was elected at the conference in Oslo in 2022. The aim has been to establish a diverse steering committee with representatives from each of the Nordic countries.

The current steering committee are:

Irmelin Axelsen, Museum of Cultural History, Oslo (currently on maternity leave)

Marie Amundsen, University of Oslo

Stein Farstadvoll, The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø

Irene Selsvold, University of Gothenburg

Tiina E. Äikäs, University of Oulu

Anna Severine Beck, Museum Southeast Denmark

Heide W. Nørgaard, Moesgaard Museum

The committee’s main responsibilities is to choose the institution that will host and arrange the next Nordic TAG conference, and secure that knowledge and information is transferred between the different organisational committees. Conference themes are developed in cooperation between the steering committee and the local organisational committees.