Candidates for the steering committee

To ensure the continuation of the biannual Nordic TAG conferences, a Nordic steering committee will be established. Members will be elected during the conference in Oslo in 2022, and consist of at least two persons from each of the Nordic countries. 

The committee’s main responsibilities will be to choose the institution that will host and arrange the next Nordic TAG conference, and secure that knowledge and information is transferred between the different organisational committees. Conference themes are developed in cooperation between the steering committee and the local organisational committees.


Irmelin Axelsen

Research fellow, Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo

To ensure the continuation between this year’s conference and Nordic TAG’s future endeavours, I will be a two-year interim member of the steering committee. I have been actively involved in several national research groups and societies – arranging many smaller and larger workshops, seminars and conferences. In addition to a genuine interest in a theoretically informed archaeological practice, I wholeheartedly believe in the many benefits of cross-national cooperation and communication in a truly friendly atmosphere. The most exciting and thought-provoking ideas are developed in arenas where one is allowed to discuss freely, make mistakes and voice one’s concerns. Semi-formal and medium-sized conference venues are, in my opinion, crucial to achieve such an environment. Which is my primary motivation for reviving N-TAG, and, ensuring that it continues to thrive.

Stein Farstadvoll

Postdoctoral researcher at UiT Arctic University of Norway

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at UiT the Arctic university of Norway. My main field of research is archaeology of the contemporary world and conflict archaeology. Som of the theoretical themes that are important to my research are ecological and environmental concerns.

As a representative from Norway I want to be a candidate for the Nordic TAG steering committee. I have previous experience of attending and presenting my research at conference such as ACHS, CHAT and TAG Britain.

As a candidate I offer experience of conducting research and fieldwork in some of the northernmost parts of the Nordic countries. Currently my research is focused in the archaeological heritage in the Pasvik river valley along the border between Norway and Russia.


Tiina Eliisa Äikäs

University lecturer at Uni Oulu

I am applying for a three-year-position in the Nordic steering committee as a representative of Finland. I am working at the University of Oulu as a university researcher. I think of NTAG as an important forum for the exchange of ideas and as a key networking platform for the Nordic archaeologists. I have attended several NTAG meetings starting in 2007 in Aarhus and I was the conference secretary when NTAG was organized in Oulu in 2012. I was actively involved in getting the conference to Oulu. I am currently a member of board of the Archaeological Society of Finland and the editor-in-chief of Fennoscandia archaeologica. Nordic co-operation has been the core of my research. To further cross-Nordic collaboration between archaeologists, I would like to be actively involved in NTAG.

Veronica Walker Vadillo

PI at “Ports & Harbours of Southeast Asia: human-environment entanglements in early modern maritime trade networks”, University of Helsinki

I would very much like to be part of the Nordic TAG scientific committee and help revive the event in the upcoming years. I was quite excited when I learnt that Nordic TAG would be taking place this year and even more so to find out that you are actively seeking new members for the committee. I am maritime archaeologists specialized in Southeast Asia with a proven record of accomplishment of applying new perspectives to the study of the past. I am a great supported of the theoretical framework of the Maritime Cultural Landscape developed by Westerdahl, and have been examining ways of advancing this theory into its new iteration. I put my interest into practice through my webinar series “Down by the Water: global conversations in maritime archaeology”, where every other week we invite speakers from all over the world to discuss current work on maritime research. I thus bring expertise on maritime theory in archaeology to the Nordic TAG Committee.

I have considerable experience organizing events and some experience editing proceedings. I am also the co-editor of the BAR sub-series “Cultural Studies in Maritime and Underwater Archaeology”, so I believe I could be useful for the committee in the future, especially in regards to publications. I am interested in representing Finland, as I am currently based at the University of Helsinki and will be until at least 2024. I would be interested in staying for three years.


Irene Selsvold

Postdoctoral researcher, University of Gothenburg

As a member of the Nordic TAG steering committee, I will work towards bringing Classical archaeology further into the theoretical discourse in the Nordic countries.

I currently hold a Swedish Research council international postdoctoral fellowship joint between the University of Gothenburg (SE) and University of Leicester (UK). I have a PhD degree in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History from the University of Gothenburg. My main research interests lie in urban archaeology, burial archaeology, and archaeological theory. In my current research project, I re-examine narratives of changing burial practices in the late Roman period.

I have a background in Classical Archaeology and Nordic Archaeology. With one foot in each subdiscipline I seek to bridge the divides between them in my work, and I see archaeological theory as a field where Classical and Nordic archaeology can meet, discuss, and learn from each other. 


Anna Beck

Curator at Museum Southeasth Denmark

I attended my first Nordic TAG meeting in 2007 where I was caught by the friendly atmosphere and the rich discussions. Since then I have attended five more Nordic TAG meetings – and always returned home with new ideas and inspiration.

One of the great strengths of Nordic TAG, as I see it, is the possibility to have some completely different conversations and discussions than at home – and not only in English but also in the ‘inter-scandinavian’ language that often emerge at these occasions. This has helped me becoming better at combining theory and practice in my own work.

As I see it, Nordic TAG plays a central role in making archaeological theory more accessible to archaeologists in the Nordic countries. If I can be of any help to secure the future of Nordic TAG I would love to do so.

If elected, I would represent Denmark in the steering committee and would be able to attend the committee for 3 years.

Heide Wrobel Nørgaard

Senior researcher at Moesgaard Museum

I am a prehistoric archaeologist squarely placed between the disciplines of archaeology and the natural sciences with a passion for material culture studies. I consider empirical studies of uttermost importance for enabling advances in archaeological theory.

However, in times of heightened awareness of the impermanence of material culture, we are more and more dependent on asking the right questions.

In order to ask questions, we need intellectual input through constructive discussions, knowledge exchange with various specialists and theoretical challenges. We get all this at Nordic TAG meetings.

Therefore, I would like to become a member of the Nordic steering committee to ensure our biannual meetings, support developing our theoretical discussions, and facilitate the information transfer between the organizational committees and towards the archaeological audience.

I would like to present Denmark in the Nordic steering committee for 3 years.